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The A-Team (Soldiers of Fortune)

Who can forget this classic TV show of the 80s?  Nothing like B.A. Baracus and his famous one-liners to give us a laugh, Face and his constant struggles with his hormones and can anyone doubt the discoloration in Hannibal's lungs after all those cigars?

Well, hoping to strike while the iron was hot, Galoob launched a line of toys in 1982.  They had small (3 3/4" figures and larger (6"figures).  Galoob also released a 12" Mr T. doll in 1984.

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The 3 3/4" Line

The 3 3/4" A-Team line featured figures only sold in 4-Packs.  This probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but it raised unit cost and many parents did not want to shell out $12 in the 80s for four figures instead of paying $2.99 for a single GI Joe figure.  Many of the accessories for these figures get mis-identified as GI Joe accessories.  In fact, Murdock's mortar and stand is almost identical to the Hasbro Short-Fuze mortar.

Featured of course the Good Guy figures - Hannibal, B.A. Baracus, Face and Murdock (Left to Right):

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And of course, we can't have good guys without some generic Bad Guys - Cobra, Viper, Python and Rattler (Left to Right, Top to Bottom).   Note the different color variations. 

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A lot of people are not aware of the extensive accesory line for the small figures.  Most did not sell well and had short market lives.  Thus, these are fairly hard to come by and many were made by Ertl and in some cases actually sold with Galoob figures included!

Interceptor Jet
B.A. and his Van (or course)
Patrol Boat
Headquarters Camp Set
Armored Car

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The 6" Line

These guys (and gal) are pretty goofy and were not terribly exciting to play with.  B.A. did come with a gaggle of tools, but how fun are bolt-cutters - really?  The main characters from the show sold a bit, but the rest (like Amy and the Bad Guys) did not and are a lot less common.  Amy was not sold as a small figure and, honestly, not sold as a 6" figure (often).  She looks nothing like her TV character.


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The 6" line also featured some vehicles including a wacky Gyrocopter, the Van and an attack 3-wheeler.

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Did You Know?

The A-Team 6" figures were sold in limited numbers in boxed versions?  In addition, Galoob marketed them (mostly in Europe and Australia) under the name Croner Toys

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