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Now here is a great toy that is like a classical artist, unappreciated until after it's demise.  In 1979 Kenner was on top of the world with their Star Wars action figure line.  Science fiction was the hot new thing in the toy industry and they figured they would have another chance to strike it big with the release of the classic sci-fi movie, Alien.  However, they faced several problems.

First off, the movie was rated R, a killer to their target audience, kids.  Sure, some parents took their little ones to see this, mine did, but they also got to deal with the nightmares that came along with seeing a monster explode from some guy's stomach.  Ahhhh memories.  Secondly, there were not enough characters to make figures from.  Star Wars had hundreds of aliens and bad guys, valiant heroes and robots.  Alien had some generic scientists, a hot lead actress and a cat.  But they did have that pesky alien.  Hmm.  So, they decided to go for the gusto. An 18 inch toy that would really grab some attention. 

Well, unfortunately, parents had to choose between a giant scary Alien retailing for $24.99 or something smaller and less disturbing and less expensive.  Guess who won? 

Toy nuts like myself give major props to Kenner though.  This toy rocks and looks great on display.  They don't come cheap but are well worth the hefty price tag to show one off.  Note to the bachelors reading this - hide this in your closet until you get married.

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18" Alien Figure          Did You Know?

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18" Alien Figure

Features movable arms, a removable dome cap (dont ask where they got this idea), glow-in-the-dark brain and, of course, a working set of inner jaws that project out.  Too cool.  The rear spines are very fragile as is the tail. 

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  Did You Know?

Kenner sold this toy for $9.99 on clearance at toy outlets until 1982, at which point all excess stock was returned and destroyed.  The current going price for a loose, complete figure is $150sh and if you want a really nice boxed one, get ready to shell out a cool $500.  Microsoft nothing, if you would have invested just $240 in a case of 24 of these bad boys you could have made a mere $12,000!  Ouch!


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