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Big Trak

Milton Bradley was cranking out the electronic toys in the late 70s and Big Trak hit the shelves in early 1979.  This was the latest and most advanced toy ever released in mass to date and it was an instant hit.   You could enter up to 99 commands ranging from simple movements like forward, back, turn left, turn right to more complicated things like a kind of "stealth mode" where it would delay commands, fire it's weapons or navigate an obstacle avoidance. 

There were two versions of Big Trak, a gray version sold in the United States and a white version released in the U.K.  Big Trak came with only one accessory, sold separately or in a combo-pack, the Big Trak Transport - which is just a dump truck trailer.  Not too exciting, but it did have some lights and a programmable dump function.


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Big Trak

The gray one is the U.S. version, the white one is from the U.K.

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Big Trak Transport

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  Did You Know?

Big Trak is a movie star!  It can be seen briefly in the movie E. T. The Extra Terrestrial sitting next to the TV when E. T. first starts talking.

Also, check out this Rockwood comic by Brian Lundmark!

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