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Butch and Sundance

The Early Days

Butch and Sundance: The Early Days was the first of the modern-day prequels (this one to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid).  Tom Berenger and William Katt do a good job as Butch and Sundance, and at times Katt's resemblance to Robert Redford is uncanny. Likewise when Berenger wears his hat just so. Joining them are Peter Weller as LeFors (who ends their first encounter by saying ominously, "I'll see you again"), Brian Dennehy as a rustler out for revenge, Vincent Schiavelli as a casino guard, Paul Price (late of Lester's "The Ritz") as a stingy butcher, and John Schuck and Christopher Lloyd as a couple of bumbling outlaws. 

Kenner wanted to jump into western action figure toys and the line really is pretty nice, although small.  The figures included "quick draw" action - levers on the backs that could be flicked to make their right arms swing up with pistol drawn.  I really loved these figures when I was a kid, even though I never saw the movie!  The figures themselves are very hard to find loose and in good shape, so when you hunt them down, save some time and go looking for carded figures!


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Butch Cassidy           The Sundance Kid        Sheriff Ray Bledsoe       U.S. Marshall Joe Lefors

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Butch Cassidy

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The Sundance Kid

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Sheriff Bledsoe

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Marshall Lefors

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O.C. Hanks

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Horses:  Bluff and Spurs

The mold for the Butch and Sundance horses was reused for the Indiana Jones horse for the 3 3/4" action figures.

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Mint Wagon

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Western Cafe

Taken straight from the Kenner Star Wars Cantina playset, the Western Cafe is a great display set for your Butch and Sundance figures.  The base is the exact same as the Cantina playset although the Cafe has different doors and additional cardboard set pieces.  This is a very hard to find set.

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  Did You Know?

Kenner planned to release 3 additional action figures - Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Geronimo.  They are presented in the 1980 Kenner dealer catalogue but were cancelled due to lack of interest. 




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