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Eagle Force

The Eagle Force toy line was created and produced by Mego from 1980 to 1982.  They were basically tiny (less than 3 inch) metal action figures that had very little articulation, basic accessories and average paint jobs.  However, for some reason I really liked these guys, up until Hasbro knocked out their 3 3/4" Gi Joe action figures, which killed Eagle Force completely.  If you compare a few of these figures to the first few series of GI Joe figures, you can see some serious grounds for lawsuits (see Did You Know? below).   

  In addition to the figures, several vehicles, playsets and toys were produced including an awesome mountain playset that I loved as a kid.

 Outside of the figure line, there were comic books, cap guns and other Eagle Force items available in the USA. In other countries, the Eagle Force line included a numerous variations card graphics, figure names and accessories.  Mego licensed GiGi to market these toys in Italy and parts of Europe (sold in boxes as opposed to blister cards) and Grand Toys for distribution in Canada..  


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Action Figures

Mego released 18 figures in total:

Series One (common):  Captain Eagle, Stryker, Turk, Shock Trooper, The Cat, Goldie Hawk, Beta Man, Big Bro, General Mamba, Harley, Kayo, Savitar, Wild Bill and Zapper

Series Two (uncommon):  Redwing, Wild Bill, Nemesis, Sgt. Brown & Baron Von Chill).


Left to Right: Captain Eagle, Stryker, Turk, The Cat and Shock Trooper


Left to Right: Harley, Zapper and Goldie Hawk


Left to Right: Savitar, General Mamba, Beta Man, Redwing and Sgt. Brown


The U.S. issued cards featured a graphic of the character and a comic an ongoing comic story on back.

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Mego released five battery-powered vehicles for the Eagle Force line including the Eliminator Jeep, Ambush Jeep, Rampage Tank, Talon Tank and VTOL Fighter Plane.  These were sold without figures except for the Eliminator Jeep which came with the Eagle from Captain Eagle.



Amphibious Carrier released in Italy!

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Mego produced four "Adventure Packs". They were: Communications (came with Zapper), Ocean Patrol (came with Zap), Tactical (came with Sgt. Brown) and Bivouac (came with Redwing). 


Pictured: Communications Adventure Pack




In addition, a large Eagle Island playset was produced and included 6 figures: Captain Eagle, The Cat, Big Bro, Harley, Kayo and Zapper


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Other Toys

Among the other random Eagle Force toys released are a Commando Assault Outfit and a set of cap guns by Fleetwood!


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  Did You Know?

Talk about rip offs!  If Mego had a spine they would have sued Hasbro.  Unfortunately, they were so broke and disappointed from the collapse of their company they pretty much lost interest in any toy activities. 


Hasbro Cobra and Wild Bill

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