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Happy Days

This line features one of the most popular action figures of the Mego era...the Fonz.  Most people had this guy at one point and I remember that days I spent giving everyone the "two thumbs up" very well.  This series was a flop apart from the Fonzie figure, but Mego did do some good work on this line.  Mego quickly moved to build on the success of Fonzie by launching Richie, Potsy and Ralph dolls as well as the Fonzie's Garage playset, Motorcycle and Jalopy. His motorcycle is identical to the CHiPs Motorcycle with the exception of the decals.

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Heeeeeeeeeeey!  Fonzie was one of the biggest Mego hits.  Mego put some thought into his thumbs-up action and it paid off.  This gimmick was talked about and made people go out and buy it up.  Fonzie comes complete with white T-Shirt, pseudo-leather black jacket, jeans and rubber boots.

He has a lever in back which raises both arms and his thumbs pivot at the joint.  Two versions were sold, one with brown  hair and one with black. Brown hair is more uncommon, but not difficult to get.

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Mego did a fine job on this figure as you can tell.  Great shirt, sweater and pants.  Comes complete with Solid Blue sweater with "J" on it, white pants, striped shirt and black shoes.

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Another great likeness.  Potsy came outfitted in Blue sweater with white sleeves (with J on sweater), light yellow Fonzie T shirt, blue pants and brown shoes.

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Very goofy, but still a great figure.  Like all of the 3 later produced figures, he did not exactly win over the kids. Outfit includes: White shirt, with split front, yellow sweater, blue pants and black shoes.

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This is the cardback from the "Gang".  I love that reference...what a scary gang they are!

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Fonzie's Motorcycle
(with twist out action)

What Fonzie would be complete without his bike?  This is a nice addition to your collection and will get some attention when you show it off. 

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Fonzie Garage
(Hey, I would have called it "Fonzie's" too.)

This is a really nice playset for this line and not very common.  It came with an openable garage door, lift, locker, tools and more.  Very hard to find complete.  Came with the Jalopy too!

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Fonzie's Jalopy

This is a really nice vehicle.  Usually missing the chrome pieces.   Pretty much the best way to display the Happy Days Gang.

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  Did You Know?

The Fonzie Mego action figure actually sold more units than any other Mego 8" action figure!  Take that Spiderman!


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