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Man of a Thousand Faces!


Nothing says creepy like Kenner's 1975 Hugo the Man of a Thousand Faces.  Whoever came up with this bizarre thing was probably doing some serious drugs.  But, that person also had a good idea, because although many Moms across the land failed to embrace the original Mini-Me, kids loved him.  He was a surprising hit and has made quite a living for himself on a number of television shows.  Hugo was basically half a puppet with stuffed arms.  Kids could use some of the numerous accessories to dress Hugo up into whatever disturbing character they could come up with.     

The box says "Easily changed disguises fit you and your puppet... create thousands of pretend friends!" 

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Hugo Accessories and Photos         Did You Know?

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Hugo Accessories and Photos

Hugo came with:

          1 Creepy bald puppet 1 wig
          Instructions 1 goatee/hair piece
          2 glue sticks 2 sideburns
          1 mask 4 eyebrows/mustaches
          2 noses 2 glasses
          2 chins 1 eye patch
          2 eye pieces 1 bandage (with fake bloodstain!)
          4 scars A bunch of warts/moles
          1 set of fangs

faces!" by Kenner. It's all here and still comes in the original box too! Pretty cool considering this HUGO comes from the mid 1970's.



  Did You Know?

Hugo gained his notoriety mostly from the original Pee Wee Herman stage show pilot that HBO still airs for time to time. Pee Wee used him in a campy ventriloquist bit.  Not sure who is the creepier of the two, but still, it is funny to see Pee Wee wielding this guy.  He was also a regular on the Uncle Floyd variety/comedy show.


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