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Lord of the Rings

In 1978, Ralph Bakshi released the animated film titled The Lord of the Rings, which covered books one and two of the classic   JRR Tolkein trilogy. This was the first time that the trilogy had been attempted as a movie, but many were disappointed by the poor animation techniques used in the film.  People also complained about how much was left out of the story, but as we have seen from the recent films, even 10 hours of trilogy leaves out quite a bit!   To Ralph's credit, the story was pretty much right-on, with the characters and relationships well portrayed.

The animation, however, deserves the bashing it gets in my opinion.  The characters look very odd and apart from Gandalf and Frodo, look nothing like one would extract from the Tolkien lore.  Aragorn looks like someone's beer-drinking Dad, Legolas is waif-like and Gimli looks like Dopey, the 7th Dwarf. Boromir looks like a Viking escapee and the Ringraiths look like Jawas on growth hormones.  Check out some scenes from the animated film under the Did You Know? section below.

Any way, Knickerbocker purchased the rights to develop an action figure line to be released with the film.  Unfortunately, the film was not well received and thus the line of action figures soon was relagated to the discount aisles of toy stores.  With the popularity of the latest films soaring, the Knickerbocker line of figures has quadrupled in value.  I think they are poorly made and pretty plain, but they do make a nice display set.

Knickerbocker released eight figures: Aragorn, Frodo and his Steed, Samwise, Gandalf, Ringraith and his Steed and of course, Gollum.  The figures had movable limbs and heads and varied from 2.5" to almost 6" (Gandalf).


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Ringwraith      Charger of the Ringwraith      Gollum     Did You Know?

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This is the entire carded set of the Knickerbocker Lord of the Rings Figures. 

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Came with detachable sheath and sword and no muscles.

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Came with detachable sheath and short-sword.  Yes, his head is really this big. 

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Frodo's Horse

Looks cool, but good luck getting Frodo to balance on this guy.   Came with reins and a saddle.

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Came with detachable sheath and short-sword (same as Frodo).   His legs need a waxing.

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Came with a removable hat and staff.  Pretty much a dead-ringer for the animated character.

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One bad mofo.  Looks absolutely nothing like the animated version, nor any version described in the books.  Still, a great figure and the gem of the collection.  Comes with a sheath, sword and battle-axe.

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Charger of the Ringwraith

The Ringwraith rocks and so does his horse.  Probably the meanest action figure/horse made.  Comes with, well, you can read below in the picture from a cardback.  The shield is a fantastic touch.

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Cute, huh?  Only a face a mother would love.

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  Did You Know?

Even Knickerbocker knew the Ringwraiths from the animated series were horribly plain.  Picture a tall Jawa.  Same eyes and outfit.  I am serious!  They fought to use their own design and eventually won out. 

Aragorn checks his watch while Sam does a fat dance

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"Come out you hobbits!  I want to stuff you inside some robots we have for sale!"

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Gollum looking old...real old.  Someone give the man his dentures back.

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Gandalf looking ready for the ball.  Is that a corset?

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