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Made of the Strangest Stuff on Earth!

In 1983 Ideal (actually CBS - more on that in "Did You Know?") released a line of innovative "Action Aliens Figures".  Basically, someone had pitched this strange sticky substance to them as a toy material and this line came out of it.  The name "Manglors" referred to the pitch to kids that they could mangle these figures and then put them back together.  Kids have always loved to blow up their toys, heck - we all did, right?  Well here was a line of figures that said it was ok to destroy them!  How cool is that? 

  The original line included Manglord (the human-shaped figure) along with the Manglosaurus (T-Rex) and Manglodactyl (Terradactyl-like).  There was also a Manglor Mountain Volcanic Fortress playset as well.  The next year, they released 3 more figures Manglodragon, Manglolizard and Manglodemon although they did not sell very well and the line was discontinued.

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Manglord, the basic man-like alien was sold thin-boxed with a stand and in a square box with an egg.

My Manglord on display....not very impressive now is he?  



Manglor Mountain Playset

Honestly not a very exciting playset.  You lower the Manglord into a pit and raise him back up.



Complete Manglor Line

The complete line is shown below.  From left to right, Manglosaurus, Manglodactyl, Manglord, Manglodemon, Manglolizard and Manglodragon.  





The line was sold overseas by Harbert under the trade name Vulcalors.  


Did You Know?

Ever wonder what happened to Ideal toys?  Well, in 1982 the Ideal Toy Corporation was purchased by CBS and became CBS Toys.  The Manglors line was one of the first toys marked with the CBS Toys trademark although they used the Ideal stamp on most of the boxes.  They must not have liked the toy industry much because in 1985 they got out of the toy business altogether.  

An action figure you could blow up or mangle may have been fun for kids, but was probably not fun for parents and school cleaning services if they had to clean up the pieces. NY cleaning service employees must have been confused when they found strange sticky bits of Manglors in a place they were working.

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