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Master Caster

Mold your own & move 'em out!

In 1979 Mattel unleashed one of the coolest car toys to come along (in my opinion) - Master Caster!  Basically, this was a relatively safe oven for melting down wax, pouring it into rubber molds (that you already placed wheels into) and letting it cool.  Once the wax cooled you could apply decals (although I never did) and poof!  Your very own custom made How Wheels car - that really rolls!

The wax was supplied in "pellets" although I call them "slabs".  You load each slab (came in a variety of colors and five different molds) into the heat chamber, turn it on, melt it down and pour away.  It really was designed well.   I played with this thing quite a bit and used up lots of wax.  You could always melt them down again too...which was kind of fun.  Whether you were a posh kid who played with the cars fancy playhouses or melted them in your gas BBQ, these toys were FUN.

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Master Caster Set

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  Did You Know?

I was grounded in 1980 for turning my Mom's shiny new Santa Clause Christmas candles into super-cool Formula 1 cars that were red and white striped.   Hmm, that also coincides with when my Master Caster disappeared...


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