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Ricochet Racers

In 1974 Hasbro appeased both the weapon and car loving kids of the world when they unleashed Ricochet Racers.  Ricochet Racers were a blast.   Basically the gun fired slot cars that could be raced against another or shot into plastic barrels.  You really get the feel of a rifle with this sucker - the cars are fitted with cartridges, a bolt-action lever loads them, and then that then a spring-loaded firing mechanism launches the cars.  I remember shooting these things all over the kitchen floor as a kid. 

Basically, there were two versions.  The original Marksman Set released in 1974 and the Spider-Man set released in 1975.

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Marksman Set

The original version released in 1974.  Pretty basic but effective.  Came with a variety of cars (marked on the box side panel).

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Spider-Man Set

Building on the popularity of the Marksman Set, Hasbro released the Spider-Man set in 1975.  Unfortunately, this set did not sell too well and the line was discontinued.  The Spider-Man set features a more colorful gun (not to mention the box art), a great target and ramp combination and two cars - Spider-Man and Captain America. 

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  Did You Know?

The original Ricochet Racers set was a much bigger hit in the UK (distributed by Palitoy) with about twice as many sets released overseas than in the United States.


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