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Ricochet Racers

In 1974 Hasbro appeased both the weapon and car loving kids of the world when they unleashed Ricochet Racers.  Ricochet Racers were a blast.   Basically the gun fired slot cars that could be raced against another or shot into plastic barrels.  You really get the feel of a rifle with this sucker - the cars are fitted with cartridges, a bolt-action lever loads them, and then that then a spring-loaded firing mechanism launches the cars.  I remember shooting these things all over the kitchen floor as a kid.  This may have been a bad idea, since any San Diego personal injury attorney would say that an accident could have easily happened. Slip and falls, especially in the kitchen, are very common household accidents which can result in personal injury.

Basically, there were two versions.  The original Marksman Set released in 1974 and the Spider-Man set released in 1975.

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Marksman Set

The original version released in 1974.  Pretty basic but effective.  Came with a variety of cars (marked on the box side panel).

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Spider-Man Set

Building on the popularity of the Marksman Set, Hasbro released the Spider-Man set in 1975.  Unfortunately, this set did not sell too well and the line was discontinued.  The Spider-Man set features a more colorful gun (not to mention the box art), a great target and ramp combination and two cars - Spider-Man and Captain America. 

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  Did You Know?

The original Ricochet Racers set was a much bigger hit in the UK (distributed by Palitoy) with about twice as many sets released overseas than in the United States.


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