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The Star Wars Micro Collection was a series of die-cast miniature toys released by Kenner from 1978 to 1981.  The line featured sets from the Star Wars : A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back movies but was not successful enough to be carried into the Return of the Jedi.  That said, this line of toys were well-made and can be had a pretty decent price today.


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Death Star Compactor

Pretty nice set with 8 mini figures and even comes with foam for the trash compactor!

Death Star Escape

Death Star World

Hoth Wampa Cave

Hoth Generator Attack

Hoth Turret Defense

Hoth Ion Cannon

Hoth World

Bespin Gantry

Bespin Control Room

Bespin Freeze Chamber

Bespin World

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Millennium Falcon


X-Wing Fighter


TIE Fighter

Sold with and without a Special bonus backdrop. 


"Build Your Armies" Mail Away

A mail-away set was also avaialble that included three types of Rebel Soldiers and three Imperial Snowtroopers. 


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  Did You Know?

This line is frequently confused with Galoob's Micro Machines toys released in the 90s and 2000s. 
The only original Kenner vintage toys are those listed on this don't be fooled!


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