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Kenner released a number of playsets from 1977 to 1985.  Click below to see the playsets released for each Star Wars movie.

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Star Wars Playsets

Creature Cantina

It started here for me.  I remember opening this on my birthday in 1978 and falling in love with Star Wars.  Sadly, I did not get the Sears exclusive Cantina Adventure Set that was released with a taller blue version of Snaggletooth.  This gem is rare and worth quite a penny.  Palitoy also released a Canadian version. 


Land of the Jawas

Complete with escape pod!

Droid Factory

This playset came with tons of little parts to build your own droids.  Palitoy also released a Canadian version molden in blue.

Death Star Space Station

A Kenner gem, this playset came with a massive laser to blow up planets, a trash compactor complete with the garbage monster and a tiny little rope swing that torments collectors to this day.



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The Empire Strikes Back Playsets


Cloud City Playset

Another Sears exclusive, this cardboard playset was released in 1980 and in very little numbers.  Came with 4 figures - Han Solo, Uggnaught, Dengar (no idea why) and Lobot.   


Rebel Command Center

Hoth Ice Planet

Imperial Attack Base

Turret & Probot




Darth Vader's Star Destroyer

An overlooked gem, this playset is really great and features a meditation chamber for Darth!


Dagobah Action Playset

A great playset, this one features gadgets to help recreate Luke's Jedi training!



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The Return of the Jedi Playsets

The Return of the Jedi saw the release of the Jabba the Hutt Dungeon, Jabba the Hutt playset and the Ewok Village.  A second version of the Jabba the Hutt Dungeon was also released that features 3 of the late-release Power of the Force figures - EV-9D9, Amanaman and Barada.




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