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Kenner released a total of number of vehicles from 1977 to 1985.  Click below to see information about the vehicles released for each series.

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Star Wars Vehicles


Land Speeder

The original and quite a classic!


X-Wing Fighter

Complete with working buzzer sound, light and push-button pop-up wings.



Tie Fighter

Complete with working buzzer sound, light and push-button pop-off wings.

Millennium Falcon Spaceship

Another vintage classic, the Millennium Falcon comes with a jedi training ball (lost often), battle-alert sound, chess table, hidden compartment, radar dish, operating turret and more.  Kenner nailed this one. 




Darth Vader Fighter

Complete with working buzzer sound, light and push-button pop-off wings.



Radio Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler

A rare gem, this fantastic toy is radion controlled to delivery robots to your doorstep.



Sonic Controlled Land Speeder

Another rare vehicle - this version of the land speeder is radion controlled!



Imperial Troop Transporter

Push buttons on top make this play sounds right from the movie.  Stay tuned, you will see this again farther down.



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The Empire Strikes Back Vehicles


"Battle Damaged" X-Wing Fighter

Just like the original but this time with decals for battle damage!



Darth Vader's Star Destroyer

An overlooked gem, this playset is really great and features a meditation chamber for Darth!





At-At Walker

One of the best toys Kenner released, the At-At has moving, light-up chin guns.  Awesome!



Rebel Armored Snowspeeder


Twin-Pod Cloud Car

Sorry, had to include it. 


Imperial Cruiser

Look familiar?  It should!  Essentially Kenner copied the Imperial Troop Transport, took out the sound function and resold it.  Greatness. 


Slave I

Another Kenner masterpiece, the Slave I was awesome.  I remember being jealous of a kid down the street for getting this (and I didnt it). 
Complete with frozen Han!



The Millenium Falcon (ESB Box)



Produced in the thousands yet not very popular, these toys are small, cheap and not very fun.  Translation = they can be found easily today quite cheap.  Included in the Empire release were the INT-4, MLC-3, MTV-7, PDT-8, Radar Laser Cannon and Tripod Laser Cannon



Rebel Transport

Looking like a big flying cacoon, this doubles as a storage case.


Scout Walker

Has a nice push button walking feature.

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The Return of the Jedi Vehicles

"Battle Damaged" Tie Fighter

Like the X-wing, this one is similar to the original except it is blue and shows sign of the Imperial struggle. 



B-Wing Fighter


The Millenium Falcon (ROJ Box)


Scout Walker (ROJ Box)


Speeder Bike

Press a button and this spring-operated craft explodes!



More mini-rig lameness.  Sorry.  The Return of the jedi brought us the ISP-6, Vehicle Maintenance Energizer, AST-5, Endor Forest Ranger, CAP-2 and Desert Sail Skiff.



Tie Interceptor


Y-Wing Fighter

A great toy, this one came with a little bomb that is often lost.


Ewok Assault Catapult


Ewok Combat Glider

Bombs away! 


Imperial Shuttle

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The Power of the Force Vehicles

Kenner also released a few vehicles in the 1985 Power of the Force line.  Namely the rare, and quite fantastic, Tatooine Skiff and the Ewok Battle Wagon.

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Droids Vehicles

In support of the relatively unpopular (and unknown) Droids line, Kenner releasesed the ATL Interceptor, A-Wing Fighter and Side Gunner.


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