Homesteading Hobbies: Woodworking, Sewing, and Home Improvement

Many of today's popular hobbies revolve around home improvement and home repair. Some of the most watched programs on television are about how everyday people can take old home furnishings and make them new or refresh their home décor. Almost anyone can get involved in homesteading hobbies like woodworking, sewing, and home improvement. In fact, most people learned some of the basic skills during their middle and high school years when they took classes like home economics or shop. Today, those old lessons can be brushed off to become new hobbies that are not only fun but make your home a better, more beautiful place to live.

Getting Started in Woodworking

Woodworking projects can range from small home improvement projects, like making a coffee table, to larger projects like built-in shelving units, fireplace mantles, or kitchen cabinets. These projects can add value to the home or simply be pieces that bring the maker satisfaction and pride in a beautifully completed project.

Getting started in woodworking requires some investment in tools and materials, but the end results can be well worth the costs. Some basic tools that a beginning woodworker needs are a power jointer, circular saw, jigsaw, power drill, hammer, router, square, tape measure, and work bench. Materials needed will vary by project, as will their costs. Choosing the right wood for your project will be a determining factor in the look and strength of the finished product. Soft woods tend to be less expensive than hard woods, so they may be a better option for beginner projects since mistakes are more likely. Other materials a woodworker will need are wood glue, stain, screws, and nails.

Sewing for Home Repair and Décor

Sewing skills can be indispensable in home repair and improvement. A person who can sew is capable of repairing or making window coverings, reupholstering furniture, and making home décor pieces. For instance, new throw pillows and a well-placed quilt can add pops of color and warmth to rooms.

Sewing is a hobby that can be relatively inexpensive to take up. Depending on the type of sewing a person plans to do, sewing machines can run from as little as $75 for a basic, beginner's sewing machine to several hundred dollars for the more complicated, heavy-duty machines used for upholstery and quilting. Sewing also requires equipment such as pins, scissors, and a measuring tape. Quilting requires additional equipment, such as cutting mats and rotary cutting tools. As with woodworking, the costs of the materials will depend on the project. Upholstery materials are more expensive than the cotton fabrics used in quilting, for instance. The size of the project will also dictate costs.

Home Improvement as a Hobby

People interested in DIY projects often find home improvement to be a satisfying hobby. Knowing how to remodel a room or complete repairs around the home can increase the market value of a home. These skills can also take a home from an old fixer-upper to a like-new home the homeowner can be proud to show off to friends and family.

Home improvement often starts as a hobby; the homeowners recognize the need to make a home repair or improve the look of a room, then decide to do the work themselves. Often, the first ventures into home improvement are small, like painting a room or refinishing a wood floor, but when the homeowner discovers the joy of the hobby, they may begin taking on bigger projects. The tools needed for home improvement vary greatly depending on the type of project. Before starting a project, do some research to determine the scope of the project, the tools needed, and the materials involved. Some projects require only basic skills, but some may require assistance from an expert, such as those involving plumbing or electricity.

The average person can turn their interest in woodworking, sewing, or home improvement into a way of making their house a home that reflects their personal style. Woodworking can be used to make home furnishings, sewing can be used for décor pieces, and home improvement can be used to completely change the look and function of a room. These homesteading hobbies can also be used to increase the value of a home should the homeowner decide to sell the house.