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Kenner released a total of five "creatures" from 1977 to 1985.  Although not particularly exciting they were pretty popular and thus are fairly inexpensive today.


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Patrol Dewback

Stormtroopers love riding big green lizards and you could too with Kenner's Patrol Dewback released in 1977.  Came with a saddle and reins.  Initially released in 1977 then also in the Collector Series a few years later.



Two Tauntauns were made, the first the "solid belly" variety - complete with reins and saddle and a little hole where you could stick the feet of a figure.  Version 2 came with a rubber-lined opening on the belly - the "split belly" tauntaun.  Yummy!



A basic figure (often found yellowed due to age).  Sadly he did not come with a removable arm.



Rancor Monster

Help Luke (prototype actually featured on the box) defeat the massive Rancor Monster!  This bad boy actually features a working jaw to gobble up those tastey Gammorean Guards!



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